AVIS ON TOUR IN TAHITI

          Avis Harrell at Le Mandarin in Tahiti




                   CD Release Party December 22, 2005 Avis performs at The Monsoons Cafť

Avis at Leítoir Brassuers in Tahiti (The 3 Brotherís Night Club)  Itís time to party when the TCB band plays funky Rock ní Roll. The audience loves it when Avis blends in and parties with them.


         A time for a love song.  Avis performs and original Ballard.

          Avis dances with a patron (L) and sings to Christopherís little Sister (Top).  All ages can appreciate Avisí show.


The Tropical Combo Band throws a party for Avis after the Two-week tour.

Zoomer News Ad for Avis' concerts.

                  Avis Harrell revient!

Sound Check News Article review for Avis! SELF        CONTAINED CD                  By: Ken Wibecan

        Avis and The Tropical Band -Frederick Rossini and Jerome at Casa Litina relax after the last show.

Petites Announces News Ad - Tahiti always embraces Avis and makes sure everyone knows she has arrived.

        Avis at The Casa Latina mesmerizes the audience.  This was the last show and one of the best!


The audience love to be near Avis and dance while she performs. It was great fun with great friends. 


The People at the Mandarin are drawn near Avis as she creates a joyous energetic mood.

       The Tour Line up draws a great crowd in Tahiti

                     (Article in French)  TRANSLATION:

Avis Harrell on tour in Tahitií - Ray Charlesí ex-chorus girl on tour with the Tropical Combo Band

The American singer Avis Harrell performs with the local band ďTropical Combo BandĒ during their third tour in Tahiti. She is performing tonight at the Astrolab Bar of Le Meridian Tahiti for a musical break.  Avis Harrell is already very well known in Tahiti.  It is indeed the fourth time she has come to Tahiti, and the third time with the Tropical Combo Band & The Rossini Brothers.  She met the group in 1995 during her first visit when they were sharing the same stage.  At that time, Avis didnít hesitate to sing with them.  From then, their mutual love for music sealed their friendship and as soon as her show in Las Vegas with Wayne Newton allows her to take free time, Avis & TCB like to come back to Tahiti and propose a set of concerts.  Ray Charlesí ex-chorus grew up with gospel & soul music and started singing at the age of 7. She can perform soul, funk, rhythm and blues or Brazilian music and all other types of music played by the TCB.  Next Friday, she will perform at the Paradise Disco with TCB and Leo Marais, who is also on tour, and whose musicians are common to both bands.

               Ex Chorus Girl with Ray Charles on Tour w/ The Tropical Combo Band

The American Singer Avis Harrell performs all rhythm and blues, Soul and Funk.  Here for a two-week tour, Avis and the TCB have been boosting Polynesian evenings with their energy.  Many patrons were under their spell on Wednesday and Thursday night at the Mandarin restaurant. The bend and Avis, with her generous voice, are obviously having fun.  She is from United States and performed sided by side a few of some of the greatest artists such as Ray Charles with whom she did the backing vocals for two years.  Even Stevie Wonder helped her in her career. This is her forth tour in Tahiti and the third one with The Rossini Brothers Tropical Combo Band.  At present Avis chooses the best venues and the best opportunities in Los Angeles to perform and Tahiti is also one of them.  Avis Harrell will be singing songs by Patty Labelle, Sade' or Otis Redding, and original material as well.  She will do her last gig tonight at the Casa Latina at 20h 30

Chicano Magazine Ad. 

The Tropical Combo Band

(A multi talented Band)

Frederick Rossini is the leader and Musical Director of the TCB Band plays keyboards, bass and Key-bass. He is a Professor and the head of the board of directors at the School of Music                           

  Stephan Rossini plays drums and percussions.  He is also a Professor at the School of Music in Tahiti and does technical sound for the group.

Jerome plays trombone and percussions. He is one of the most colorful Trombonist I have ever heard.  He also performed background vocals.

        Le Ron plays all Saxophones, Tenor and alto. A very versatile musician.   He performed background vocals as well.

  Christopher plays lead guitar. He comes from a family of musicians and has been playing since childhood.   Heís very soulful like B.B. King.

  Avis & The Tropical Band at The Le Meridian

 2005 Tahiti Tour

         New! On news stands now! June - 2006  Michelle's World Magazine Article Feature Story on Avis Harrell "The Music Scene" Pg. 6,7&8    www.michellestevenson.com


Avis has worked with Hank Robinsonís Entertainment since their inception and they do it again at the 11th Annual Jazz Affair in Palm Springs, California.


You  can find Avis Harrell & The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra at Stevieís on the Strip at least once or twice every month 


Avisí CD Release Party December 22, 2005 

   Avis at The Le Meridian w/ The Tropical Combo Band


Stevies!             Sunday July 2, 2006 

Friday May 6, 2006  The Belage' Hotel Presents Avis and The 360 Degrees Band

        Avis at the Crystal Rose W/ Robinsonís Entertainment

Avis and the Jimmy McConnell 17 Piece Big Band Orchestra at Stevie's on The Strip

Our Weekly Newspaper  "Independent Action"   news article review about AVIS! "SELF CONTAINED"           by:  Cynthia Griffin

Avis and The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra at Stevies on the Strip.  Having a great time!


Sunday August 13, 2006 @ Stevie's On The Strip w/The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra 6:00 P.M. & 10:00 P.M.

Friday Sept. 8, 2006@ The Belage' Hotel Presents Avis and The 360 Degrees Band

Sunday Sept. 17, 2006@ Stevie's On The Strip w/The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra 6:00 P.M. & 10:00 P.M.

 Sat.  Nov. 5,  2006    W/ Robinson's  Entertainment 13th Annual Jazz Affair Rosarita Beach Mexico!

         February 2007                French Polynesia Tahiti   "The Oscar Awards"

SUNDAY AUGUST 19. 2006  @ 6:00 PM  

STEVIEíS on The Strip & Jimmy McConnell

Presents R&B/Jazz Artist Avis!

With The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra

3 Shows! NO COVER

LOCATED:   16911 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA 91311 - 

An R&B, Jazz, Pop, Musical Experience of a Lifetime!


Purchase your copy of:   AVIS! "SELF CONTAINED" Today!  @





Tim Harrell
 Buddy Hopkins


Article by:  Tyrone Reid:  http://TheMusicSyndicate.com

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Article by:  Bio Advertisement:  By: Gayle Corn   http://www.thelooponline.com/spotlightavisharrell.html

Article by:  Michelle Stevenson Editor & Chief for Michelle's World Magazine -www.michellestevenson.com 

Article by:  Cynthia Griffin - Our Weekly Newspaper (LA)

Article by:  Ken Wibecan -Sound Check News (N.Y.)

Promotions:  The Rossini Brothers (French Polynesia)
   Tahitian New Paper -  Zoomer News Ad
- Fenua News (Tahiti)

Concerts:  Hank Robinson Entertainment (LA)


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July 8, 2007
  Hailing from Washington D.C., Avis Harrell has been singing, performing, and
entertaining for ages.  Her beauty, glamour, talent, and infectious personality draw
audiences in and hold them for as long as she desires.  Nobody works a stage like
Avis.  She travels extensively and is welcomed abroad everywhere she goes.  She
also performs nationally and has sung with Wayne Newton and Ray Charles.  Avis is a
powerhouse.  Once crowned
Miss Black America - Washington D.C., she's planning
some big things and sheís planning them with the heart of a lion and the soul of an
  Avis began singing in her younger years with a group called The Blue Mystics, and
then with her sisters in a group called The Fawns.  She struck out on her own as a
soloist and she hasn't stopped since.  Most entertainers would give their eye teeth for
her resume.  Her history is rich with experience and is a showcase for the dynamic
things she's done.  She's also using her past accomplishments as the building blocks
for her future.  With a movie script in the works, a single dedicated to our troops on
the drawing board, and her current album,
Self Contained, on sale now, she's got a
lot going on.  That she had the time to spend chatting with me is just another
example of how gifted and generous this woman is at heart.  She's lovely.  She's Avis
Harrell and here's what she has to say...
Avis Harrell
Self Contained Soul
JCP: Avis, I'm pleased to no end to be with you.
AH: You're quite welcome; it's my pleasure and my honor.
JCP: Lets begin by having you tell me about what you're doing these days
and the movie script you're working on.
AH: Well, I'm just doing my thing and I must say I'm quite surprised at myself.  
I've been working on the autobiography and a website for the group I sang in
with my sisters, The Fawns.  People are always asking me where everyone is
and so this is a project to let people know what we're all doing now.  The
biography is finished and I've collected all the pictures for it as well.  The
movie script is our life story and it's called
DC's Own Dreamgirls.  Our lives
were similar to the movie but different in that we are actually sisters.  I've
been having a ball doing this project.
JCP: Tell me about the single you're working on for the troops.
AH: It's called I'll Be Here When You Return.  It's a love story dedicated to
them.  It's not finished yet.  I'm still working on the music for it, but I wrote it
in two hours one night.  It just came to me and started flowing.  I hope it
touches them the way it touched me when I wrote it.
JCP: You have an album available as well, don't you?
AH: I do!  It's called Self Contained.  It's been a little slower taking off than I
was hoping.  It's a collection of dance, romance, blues, and one spiritual
song.  There's some comedy in there as well.  It's mainly an R&B album but
there's something there for everyone.  Putting this album together has been a
major point in my life.  It came out of pure inspiration.  I hope it really catches
on here in the States.  When I go abroad, itís very much in demand and fans
love to have a copy to savor the memory of my performance and great time I
have with them.
JCP: Have you been performing as well?
AH: Yes, I've been performing locally here in L.A. with The Jimmy McConnell
Orchestra at
Stevie's On The Strip.  I've also been working with The
Robinson Entertainment Group.  We travel to Palm Springs and Mexico and
I've been doing it for about eleven years now.  These are mainly weekend
excursions, but they're a lot of fun and the audiences are great.  The next one
is the weekend of September 14th through September 17th.  I also travel to
Tahiti once a year.  That's my second home.  There's a possibility I might be
performing at the Ramada Inn, which is one of their five star hotels there on
New Years, but I have some other irons in the fire, so we'll see.
JCP: Tell me about the work you've done with Wayne Newton.
AH: Oh my!  I worked with Wayne Newton for two and a half years.  He's very
generous with the stage.  I got at least a thirty to forty minute spot in his
show every night.  We always did two to three songs together as well, and
the one that got the most response from audiences was
Endless Love.  We
also did the
Jerry Lewis Telethon together and that got me a lot of
exposure.  Working with Wayne was just wonderful and I plan to go back to
Vegas on my own.  It's just a matter of connecting with the right agent.
JCP: Weren't you also associated with Motown in the seventies?
AH: Only indirectly.  I've always performed a lot of Motown music though, and
I am a protťgť of Stevie Wonder's.  So thatís the association.  I was never
really with Motown.  Stevie helped me a great deal in my career with tips and
vocal school.  I studied with great vocal coaches like Seth Riggs, Vince Perillo,
and Roger Love.  I also auditioned for Susaye Greene and Sherrie Payne
when they were considering creating another set of Supremes in the late
JCP: Didn't that lead to your tenure with Ray Charles?
AH: Yes, it did.  Susaye, Sherrie, and I sounded great together, but Susaye,
being the doll that she is, referred me to his organization.  I went straight to
his office and wound up auditioning for Mr. Charles and got the job right
away.  He picked me to be a Raelette!  He was just great to work with and
that was such a tremendous time in my life.  The Raelettes are all wonderfully
talented ladies.  I've linked and dedicated a page about our time together to
my web site.  You have to see it!  
JCP: What's next for you, Avis?
AH: I'd really love to work a Vegas showroom on my own.  I'd also like to
work with other producers and just be the artist.  Producing my own project
was quite an experience, but a lot of work!   I have a great publicist and she
is such an inspiration.  She takes things and turns them into something
wonderful.  She's just a whirlwind of activity.  I'm going to finish my single for
the troops and keep working on the script for my movie about The Fawns.  
There are just so many great things going on these days.
JCP: Where do you see yourself in, say, five years?
AH: I see myself somewhat like Tina Turner.  I just know I'm gonna reach my
goal!  I've planted all the seeds and I'm so well received abroad.  I believe in
my heart it's going to happen here in the States.  I see myself still touring and
performing to audiences that really appreciate what I'm doing. I also hope to
get some backing on my movie.  My focus is staying professional with all my
projects.  I refuse to get involved in talent competitions because respect for
one's work is equally important as recognition.  If I can't get something
started with others, Iíll just do it myself!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Iím going to do my best
to continue to show people where I came from and that my talent is honest
and real.  So, five years from now I see myself completely on top of my game
and fulfilling all the dreams God gave me.  I always say that no man's an
island and hopefully, prayerfully, someone will hear my call and assist me with
this dream of putting the movie together.  I feel itís a real winner and that
lighting can strike twice in the same place.
JCP: Okay...Now for some nosy questions to satisfy your readers and
fans: Married/Single/Divorced/Involved?
AH: Single.  I've never been married.  I'm not deeply involved but I have
someone I like... a lot  (Bats eyelashes.)
JCP: Do you have any children?
AH: None. But I do love them.  Two Nephews, J. Elliott and Kevin (KD)
who reap all the benefits of being spoiled by the Auntie.
JCP: What are your hobbies?
AH: Writing and creating music.  I love movies and creating and
designing stage clothes for myself.  I used to paint many years ago and
may pick up a brush again later when I take a break from music.  I also
love learning all this wonderful equipment that I used to turn my dreams
into realities, creating my album
Self Contained.
JCP: Who are your heroes?
AH: God, first and foremost.  My mother and my father.  My sisters and
my brother, Tim.  They all believe in me.  Best friends Janice, Sheila Di,
Tanisha, Cindy, Connie Florence, Eleanor, Sunny, Buddy, Sherrie, Carolyn
and Aisha.  I have mad respect for Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Aretha
Franklin, Diana Ross, Ray Charles, Wayne Newton, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy
Castor, and Martin Luther King.  Other favorite people and entertainers I
really like are Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend, Jennifer Lopez, Christina
Aguilera,  Beyonce, Jay-Z, Roberta Flack, Oprah Winfrey, Susan Taylor
and Smokey Robinson.  Wow!  There are so many.  Just about anyone
who has made major contributions that have enlightened my life.
JCP: Favorite food?
AH: I really don't care that much about food.  I kind of just eat to stay
alive.  Ha! Ha! Ha! I do enjoy steak, fish, salad, and French fries though.
JCP: Favorite place?
AH: Tahiti and The Bahamas.  I once lived in Japan for several months.  
It's an interesting place but they have brutal winters there!
JCP: Favorite movie?
AH: How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Whatís Love Got To Do With It,
Waiting To Exhale, The Queen, The Girl With The Pearl Earring and
The Brothers.  I like mostly all the movies that Angela Basset has acted
in.  Sheís awesome!
JCP: What bit of wisdom or advice would you like to share?
AH: Education is the most important thing any young artist can attain.  I
also highly recommend at least the first level of college.  That enables
you to make decisions about what directions you want to take in life;
kind of helps you figure out what you want to be when you grow up and
gives you options.  
JCP: What are you most proud of?
AH: Becoming Miss Black America - Washington D.C. was a big
accomplishment for me, but I'm most proud of my career.  I've achieved
many of my goals so far.  I'm very proud of where I came from, the road

Iíve traveled, and where I plan to go.  My sisters make me proud and the
group we had as teens, The Fawns, was a great launching pad for me.
My Mom makes me proud, because she laid a wonderful blue print of
what it means to be a complete woman and sheís proud of me.  Iím
proud of my relationship with God and having faith in Him has opened a
lot of doors for me.  
JCP: Avis, thank you so much for this wonderful time you've spent with
AH: You are very kind, Carey.  This was so much fun and you're so

JC Parrish
  Only those who've ever dared to dream this big have gone to the places
where Avis Harrell has been.  Her history is stellar and she's got a bright
future envisioned that she's only too willing to share with the whole world.  
This woman has risen within her ranks to a place of respect and success
that she enjoys and loves to share.  Her world can brighten anyone's.  Even
though I refer to her as
Self Contained Soul, she's bursting at the seams to
explode!  The fallout, I feel sure, will be a glorious thing to behold.

Avis' website:
www.avisharrell.com, www.myspace.com/avisharrell
                   & www.cdbaby.com/cd/avisharrell